My first time doing Yoga

Hello Everyone, it’s Jose.

I tried Yoga with Kurasono san last week at Leaf Garden Oita. I had never done Yoga before and I thought it was going to be easy compared to Squats, Deadlifts, etc.

I was very wrong. It felt like a 1-hour full body plank and realized that the strength that comes from regular weightlifting and general strength training does not transfer equally to other sports. If you are strong at weightlifting, it doesn’t mean you will be strong at Yoga. I felt very weak when I did Yoga.

Weightlifting is my main sport but I will combine it with Yoga because of the many benefits that it has. Getting stronger at Yoga will definitely improve my Squats because of the core stability and muscle recruitment that Yoga demands.

Next, you will find 5 ways in which Yoga can improve your weight training:

  1. Yoga will improve your mobility and flexibility, this means a bigger range of motion = a deeper squat.
  2. It increases the connection between mind and muscle.
  3. Muscle recovery: Yoga relaxes the body and this helps with post-workout recovery.
  4. Less aggression: Practicing calm breathing and mental stability will allow you to have a more focused and relaxed weightlifting session.
  5. The Yoga Diet brings many benefits to your body.

I really recommend that you try Yoga for yourself and then, if you like it, combine your training with it.

Have a nice day!