Supplements are only 10% of your results.
They will give you a little extra
and they will only work
with good diet and good training.

Big companies try to sell us everything they can.
There are some good supplements
and there are some that are a complete rip-off(waste of money).
I will show you how to identify a good supplement from a bad one.

  1. There are supplements with ineffective ingredients or ineffective dosages. There are supplements that have ingredients that will not have any visible effects on you. Others have a concentration so low that it will not make a difference.
  2. The packaging says a lot also. If the packing looks like the one below, double check before buying. If there is an over hype saying that it will get you amazing results in 1 months or “make you big” “make you shredded” it probably won’t. Supplements are just supplements. Myprotein sells supplements making zero hype about it. They sell the pure ingredients with no nice packaging. both of these supplements are the same. The first one just has a packaging that can be deceptive.
  3. Label Fraud. Some supplements’ labels say one thing but their content is another. There is a website that testes all these supplements and compares the label to the actual content. You can find it here for popular brands: here you can search for what you are taking and see if it is good or not.
  4. Supplements are generally cheap. If you are buying simple BCAAs you should not pay above 3,000 yen for around 500 grams. If you are paying 10,000 yen for 30 servings then you are getting ripped off by the marketing and nice packaging of that supplement company.
  5. Unnecessary supplements. There are many supplements that are not necessary at all. For example 90% of all the Fat Burners in the market. Here you can see which supplements really work:
  6. Unreal before and afters. If it says that only taking it will make you magically lose 10 kilos then it is a waste of money. Don’t believe in this commercials. Real Fat Loss is about diet and exercise. The before and afters are marketing strategies. A proper supplement advertises their nutritional information and substance content.

In summary,
before you buy any supplement, research about it.

Remember that you will be putting this inside your body every day.
If it has a suspicious packaging,
extreme before and afters,
crazy expensive prices;
then research it better and don’t waste your money.

The brands that I personally recommend are:
Myproetein, Muscle Feast, Now Foods, Dymatize, Nature Made.

Be suspicious
before buying your supplements!

All the best,