What’s up??

How’s everything going in Oita?
Did you get new friends?
Did you find anyplace you like to go?
I hope everything is going well in Oita for you.

By the way,
are you keep working out in Oita?
It might be not easy to find out good workout place in Oita
(distance, transportation…etc).

You might be getting out of shape because of not working out.

If you leave out of shape, you will be

・Less energy
・Not good looking

If you are warried about getting out of shape, I know the best place for working out.

“Workout&fitness PROTEIOS” is the place I strongly recommend for you because

・You can workout from 7am to 10pm in the central area of Oita city.
・You can do  many kinds of exercises, such as weight training, YOGA, TRX exercise, KARATE, Jiu-jitsu, Stretch&Core etc.…
・You can use New&Clean equipment

・Reservation system

・Scheduling before workout

・Can concentrate in your workout

・Not wasting your time:1workout/1hour (short time concentration)

・Personal exercise menu

・Reasonable price for membership; can chose for your workout style


If you are lucky, English can be available in the Gym (Not always…sorry)

Also, we offer 30 days trial; If you quit within 30 days, no cost at all.


I hope you will like the place.

Take care.


About myself….

I was kicking around in the US. Please came and see me at PROTEIOS. I’m waiting for